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Profiles Hawaii optimizes "People Equity" by deploying state-of-the-art, science-based human performance enhancement and applicant screening assessment tools and surveys.
People make organizations...and we help make great people. FIND OUT WHY WE ARE THE FASTEST GROWING COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY. More on Profiles Hawaii.
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LOW UNEMPLOYMENT STRATEGIES - When you MUST Hire “Less than Desirable” Applicants: Low unemployment means less applicants with more undesirable qualities. Learn how you can protect your company and optimize the effectiveness of even the worse applicants. read more...
THE POWER OF PREDICTION – Effective Decision Making made Easy: Imagine how effective you would be if you could “see” how an applicant would perform on the job BEFORE hiring them. Imagine knowing the precise skills and traits that are needed to make your management and staff ALL TOP PERFORMERS. Profiles Hawaii gives you the predictive powers to make sound decisions. read more...
THE POWER OF HUMAN ASSETS - Workforce Strength is the basis for Strategic Success: Business strategy begins and ends with the quality of people in your organization.  Understand how you can improve the overall quality of your people with powerful, effective, simple to execute psychometric solutions. read more...
STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE - A Revolutionary Innovation: Profiles Hawaii's powerful and innovative products deliver unique strategic advantages to clients. Imagine an effective strategy that takes little time, money and effort to implement, yet can reduce costly turnover, increase productivity, heighten job satisfaction, develop more effective managers... all the ingredients that ultimately improve profits. read more ...


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